Kors Development Services Inc. was created out of an understanding of what contributes to successful developments and a passion for applying that knowledge to specific development visions. Success depends on a blending of government process, public outlook, managing costs and minimizing timelines. Keeping these things in balance is essential to getting a development proposal on track and keeping it there.

Denise Kors has coupled her educational background with twenty years of experience in the various aspects of land development proposals including municipal planning, development application processes, public consultation and infrastructure and site design.

In addition, successful development proposals draw from the work of experts in many different fields including land survey, architecture, engineering, law, environment and drafting. Denise Kors has built up a network of quality experts and industry contacts who can provide enhanced support for your development proposal.

Kors Development Services will maximize your chances of a successful development application through:

  • Early awareness of issues;
  • Day-to-day management of the process;
  • Strong working relationships with government staff and the project team;
  • Creative option generation and problem-solving;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Minimizing risk; and
  • Strategic management of all aspects of the application under a single development vision.

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